Vision and Mission



The IFC-Philippines is poised to become the global leader in educating, certifying, and producing world-class financial consultants.


The IFC-Philippines mission is to provide education and certification for financial consultants so that members qualified to use the designation Certified Financial Consultant are recognized internationally as trusted financial advisors.

The objectives of the IFC are to:

  • offer thorough and accessible educational programs for professionals anywhere in the world to qualify as competent financial consultants.
  • issue the designation of Certified Financial Consultant (CFC®) to qualified graduates of the education program.
  • ensure each member adheres to the Institute’s code of ethics.
  • grow public respect for, and confidence in the profession of financial consulting.
  • gather and circulate current information relevant to financial consulting to Institute members.
  • encourage and provide opportunity for Institute members from all countries to share their knowledge and experience in financial consulting.
  • promote and enhance professional and career opportunities for Institute members throughout the world by maintaining the high standards of the Certified Financial Consultant designation.