The Gateway to Global Recognition

The CFC qualification is recognized around the world and establishes a high level of expertise across international markets. It is designed to focus on the commercial practical and technical skills by major corporate and financial clients and investors.

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CFC® Designation Advantage

The CFC® designation is poised to become a distinctive way of identifying excellence in the corporate financial consulting practice. With CFC® next to your name, you can be confident that you are among the best in the field.

The Certified Financial Consultant (CFC®) designation is essential if you want your level of expertise and technical knowledge to be recognized among your peers, employers, clients and partners.

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Level Up Corporate
Finance Skills

The CFC® program, being valued-oriented and practical, is designed to deliver advanced corporate finance skills and knowledge through a technical session and its application to real-life situations through small group workshops - all with a unique focus on enhancing shareholder value maximization and preservation.

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11th Executive Certificate in Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
July 4 - 13, 2023
Live Online Training

74th Financial Modeling Masterclass
July 26 - August 4, 2023
Live Online Training

67th Certified Financial Consultant (CFC®) Program
August 5 - September 9, 2023
Live Online Training

30th Budgeting and Forecasting Using Excel
June 20 - 29, 2023
Live Online Training

25th Executive Certificate in Certificate in Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
June 24 & July 1, 2023
Live Online Training


Today’s dynamic global business environment demands a blend of finance competence, strategic insights and a highly practical approach. Institute of Financial Consultants Philippines puts you at the center of corporate finance. Led by top practitioners and finance executives, you gain insights to the latest finance techniques and strategies. Access a wide range of financial education and fill critical gaps in your knowledge with our executive courses.


The CFC® program provides candidates with the knowledge and skills required for financial management to apply in real-life situations.

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Candidates who have successfully completed the CFC®Program and fulfilled the education requirement are qualified to take CFC®examination.

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CFC Program Testimonials

Bermenia D. Evangelista
Bermenia D. EvangelistaSpecialist Grp. Hospital & Trauma
"A very good investment decision for me. The question is no longer about DCF & valuations or providing but recommendations for companies, and more significantly awakening my true value as a potential entrepreneur. Time to think about stepping on the brakes, make a little turn, slowly designing an individual program for myself and positively discounting my own future cash flows! Thank you IFC!"
Catherine Resurreccion
Catherine ResurreccionFinance Manager, Alexcy Corporation
"The program is really informative and effective as I can apply the knowledge that I acquired in this program in my current job. It helped me gain more confidence when it comes to evaluation and decision making about the company’s investments, financing, dividend pay-out and valuation. I recommend this program to all aspiring financial consultants! Also, the lectures are excellent and the CFC team is very accommodating. More power to the whole team!"
Avegail Fadrigore
Avegail FadrigoreFinance Executive II, PLDT Global Corporation
"I learned a lot on this training. Thank you for the additional learnings that a finance professions should have."
Rose Desiree P. Carpio
Rose Desiree P. CarpioTreasury Supervisor, Del Monte Philippines, Inc.Del Monte Philippines, Inc.
"The program gave practical views and applications of corporate finance. It has broadened my knowledge to the scope of the work of corporate treasury."
Michelle C. Mesina
Michelle C. MesinaHR Shared Services Head, Accenture
"This program is a great investment for someone who really wanted to learn corporate finance. I learned a lot and looking forward in applying what I learned from the program."
Joan Grace N. Ortilla
Joan Grace N. OrtillaBCDA, Business Development Specialist
"I find the program very effective for enhancing skills & knowledge in corporate valuations, encourages participants to participate actively during lectures."

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