CFC® Testimonials

“The CFC course is a great course to take for people wanting to learn more about corporate finance. This is also good for people wanting to be CFOs of their own business (eg. start-ups).”

Michael Patrick Anabo
Unilab, Inc.
Finance Manager

“It has been a good learning experience that refreshed and further broadened my knowledge about Corporate Finance. The instructors have been very thorough in the discussions and have been very generous in their knowledge and expertise on the field.”

Christie Joy Jasmin D. Olorvida
AC Energy
Finance Manager

“The program and the manner of delivery definitely integrated the conceptual finance with its practical side, not to mention the ability of the mentors to transcend the concepts by sharing their experiences. I appreciate the valuable knowledge gained from this. Thanks!”

Heidi Joan Calo
CFC Program Batch 58 Participant

“It was a great experience and training. Hope everyone from this batch will get the certification and title 🙂 Kudos to the CFC Team!”

Jobelyn C Malihan
Publicis JimenezBasic Inc
Financial Analyst

“The CFC Program helped reinforce the knowledge and skills I gained from grad school and at work. Thank you, Sirs Siga and Tiu.”

Jasmin Aina Isip
Colgate Palmolive Philippines, Inc.
Customer Development Financial Control Manager

“The program is a good investment to widen your knowledge in Corporate Finance. You can provide better recommendations to the company with this course. Additionally, the Speaker/Facilitator will share their actual experiences which you can use in the future decision making.”

Joselito Bijasa
Rell & Renn Group of Companies
Corporate Accounting Manager

“I have learned how to effectively use and understand my influence towards the ongoing corporate strategy of my company in managing investment portfolio”

Leila T. Armedilla
Shell Business Operations
Projects and Solutions Delivery Manager

“The CFC program gave me additional knowledge that I can apply to my current job. It has equipped me on decision making and managing investments.”

Joyce Macaisa
Allianz PNB Life Insurance
IT Finance Manager

“It adds more confidence for me to stand with the numbers i am presenting for the management in financials and evaluation of the company’s various projects. Knowledge which is very useful for my current profession ,career and being a mentor to my subordinates.. It is my pleasure and happiness being of great help to the company and my boss . Thank you all and glory to God!”

Joan C. Elliot
Rell & Renn Group of Companies
Corporate Accounting Manager