Certification Programs

Whether your company wants to improve financial performance or deal with a shifting global market, The Institute of Financial Consultants creates finance education that benefits both the finance executive and the company.

IFC works with top facilitators and seasoned executives to develop our programs and boost your finance skill sets. As an individual with a specific need, you can take advantage of our top programs.


Certified Financial Consultant
(CFC®) Program

Master your skills in Corporate Finance and Valuation. Attend this fully accredited program of Institute of Financial Consultants of Canada, and distinguish yourself with (CFC®) and earn professional recognition from your employer and colleagues.

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Advanced Financial Statement
Analysis Program

Understand the tools, techniques, that can monitor and improve financial performance. This program employs step-by-step techniques to gain compelling insights into the analysis of various components of the financial statement.

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Financial Modeling Masterclass

Learn Best Practice Modelling Solutions for World Class Executives. This highly practical , hands-on program is guaranteed to sharpen your excel modeling skills. We will show you how to build user valuation and simulation models - faster, better and with greater accuracy.

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Cashflow & Working Capital Management Program

Learn the principles, techniques, and skills involved in the effective management of cash flow and working capital in any business. This highly participative 2-day course covers the principles, techniques and skills involved in the effective management of cash flow and working capital in any business, blending a clear theoretical framework with extensive use of real-life examples and case studies.

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Budgeting and Forcasting
With Excel

Create, Maintain and Improve the Financial Forecasting Process. In this hands-on training, you’ll discover the basics you need to assemble data and build forecasts that help power the operations, finance, production and planning functions in your organization.

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