Why Get Certified?

Once you have completed the CFC® program and gained the required amount of work experience, you will be awarded the prestigious Certified Financial Consultant (CFC®) designation. The CFC®designation is poised to become a distinctive way of identifying excellence in the corporate financial consulting practice. With CFC®next to your name, you can be confident that you are among the best in the field. Employers can be confident that their Corporate Finance Department is exceptional.

Gain global mobility and opportunities from employers who value and reward heightened performance and productivity. Accelerate your professional development by getting in on the ground floor. Below are the benefits of the CFC® program for you and for the organization.

For your organization:

  • Increase the performance and productivity of your department
  • Raise and maintain the standards of corporate finance competence in your company
  • A unique training schedule that does not compromise work demands
  • Accelerate the development of your future leaders and managers
  • Enhance employee retention and recognize excellence
  • Assure quality and manage risks for your organization and your clients

For you personally:

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Focus on practical corporate finance skills, as well as technical knowledge in valuation
  • Network with and learn from some of the industry's most respected insiders
  • Open the door to global opportunities
  • Flexible learning schedule to fit your busy professional life

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