What is FMMC’s benefit to those who plan to take the CFC® program?

“The seminar is well-packaged. I greatly appreciate the loads of knowledge and skills I was exposed to. They were all relevant and things I wished I had known years ago. These skills will definitely enhance my reports and thankfully shorten the time I spend preparing them. Thank you so much.”

-Lorna D. Lanuza, Corplan Manager, AFP General Insurance Corp., FMMC Batch 24

“The course is an effective tool in making management decision. I discovered how much time I can save preparing reports and making my presentation very logical and clear in the information I have gathered attending this class, I highly recommend it to everyone who want to find the better version of themselves as professionals.”

-Caroline S. Cheng, Finance Analyst, World Bank, FMMC Batch 19

“I found the program helpful, particularly in the many functions of excel. I found it difficult to understand at first since I am not a financial person nor do I have much background in finance. I think I will be able to apply this in my work by helping me understand more about how finance creates templates and I believe that when it is time for me to make my own templates, I will be more equipped for that.”

-Ariza T. Twatwunnaphong, Business Relations Specialists, Manila – Oslo Renewable Enterprise, FMMC Batch 19

When was the FMMC Program first introduced by IFC-Philippines? 

The 1st Financial Modelling Masterclass was conducted by the Institute of Financial Consultants – Philippines, last March 5 and 6, 2009 in its office at Unit 505 East Tower Philippines Stock Exchange, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The Program is designed for Finance Professionals who work as Finance Managers, Directors/CFOs, Financial Controllers and Accountants, Strategic Planners, General Manager and Business Unit Managers, Project Managers/Risk Analysts, Budget/Treasury Business/Financial Analysts, Corporate Finance Officers, Private Equity Officers, Engineers and Systems Managers, Economists, and Corporate Advisors.

Does IFC–Philippines Meet the FMMC Program Objective?

  • Design, cross-check, and structure financial models effectively

As a non-accountant/non-finance person it helped me a lot on how to present my reports nicely and clearly and wonderfully.”

-Robinson M. Vequizo, Trader, Manila – Oslo Renewable Enterprises, FMMC – Batch 19

I have learned more knowledge in using excel that I can apply to my work. It is very useful in computing things/problems easier..”

-Maria Sonia V. Cerbas, Accountant, Bases Convension and Development Authority, FMMC – Batch 24

  • Build the strongest and flexible models that can perform add-ins and make amendments while maintaining the integrity of your spreadsheets

“Shortcuts for flexibility of financial models will help in doing my job as finacial analyst.”

-Maria Teresa P. Madrelejos, Senior Financial Analyst, Team Energy Corporation, FMMC- Batch 21

“Broaden your use of excel in all so many ways not limiting to computations but also visual presentation by means of dynamic graphics.”

-Christine F. Bernardo, Senior Financial Analyst, Aboitiz Power Renewables Inc., FMMC- Batch 21

  • Apply the best model structure to get job done faster and painlessly

“The training is very useful. I have gained so much technique, logic and excel tools that it will be very beneficial in my world. Keep up the good work.”

-Charisse P. Bacurio, Financial Planning Manager, Hedcor Inc., FMMC – Batch 20

“I learned a lot from this program and I will certainly apply it in my work. I have discovered better and more efficient ways to analyze that will esily be understood by both finance and non-finance users.”

-Mary Ann E. Gamao, Lead Analyst, Emerson Electric Asia Ltd., ROHQ, FMMC – Batch 19

  • Learn to create and compare scenarios– base case, best case, and worst case

“I am blessed to be given an opportunity to attend this program. Two days are quite a short window for learning but because of excellent materials and practical applications during the course it was the most productive financial modeling program. Surely all that I have learned will be beneficial in my journey to make change in my company.” 

-April Lyn A. Villamor, Senior Regional Finance Analyst, Marsh Philippines Inc., FMMC – Batch 24

The course helped me gain knowledge on how to utilize excel functions, unknown to me before, and most especially, values a habit I can surely use for a better career life.

-Merilee Lorraine B. Lota, Financial Planning Assistant, Ginebra San Miguel Inc., FMMC – Batch 24

  • Solve all financial modeling problems

“It was very educating, beneficial especially in doing sccharb testing, and forecasting. All that I learned can help us a lot in doing my task accurately and efficiently this can facilitate the forecasting, management reporting process.”

-Marian I. Abarquez, Budget Officer, Toyota Financial Service Philippines Corporation, FMMC – Batch 20

Really helpful especially for someone holding a financial analytics position in a dynamic industry. I look forward to attending more training sessions like this.

-Ronald Replan, Senior Analyst, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc., FMMC – Batch 19