CFC® Testimonials

“The course was an intensive program which practically gives knowledge for finance inclined people. This course evidences our understanding in regards of valuing a company. Lastly, the lessons learned in this program will separate us from other people which didn’t take this course.”

Carag, Aldrich S.
Market Officer-Control
Australia & New Zealand Global Services & Operation

“Aside from validating the processes I do at work, the course offered new ideas for me especially on the topic of valuation.”

Omamalin, Erickson B.
Business Development Sr. Manager
Vivant Corporation

“The CFC Program has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to help me improve my financial know-how which can aid in my everyday work. Moreover, the CFC program is a valuable course since it gives practical theories which are backed up by concrete example to emphasize the significance of the concepts discussed.”

Castro, Christine Nellie B.
Business Development Assistant
Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

“The CFC program is a comprehensive course which covers corporate finance and a good pathway to be a good financial consultant. Taking the course, it helps me to delve deeply in the essentials of corporate finance and understand it more with the correlation of real life situation and experience of the speaker and past history of companies in their appraisals and decision. Hence the program is beneficial not only on one’s career but also on one’s personal growth which adds more value on each student to apply its maximum value to the firm and on his personal wealth by making good decisions and making a good stake in the concept of risk and return. “

Castro, Christine Nellie B.
Business Development Assistant
Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

“The program has allowed me to enhance and review my knowledge in finance. It has widened my horizon on the core of corporate finance especially in financial analysis and valuation.”

Rabano, Jocelyn C.

“The course has been a great venue to learn more about business financial analysis which I hope to apply in our company and even for my personal use. With seasoned instructors, helpful materials and practical business examples, the course has been beneficial in establishing new ways of looking at businesses and changing old mind sets.”

Bodo, Mae Christine Joanne Q.
Assistant Controller-Consumer SEA
GE Philippines

“As a Telecom Engineer by profession, I knew little about corporate finance. But upon finishing the course, I am able to understand the fundamental concepts of corporate finance which are investment decision, financing and dividend decision in order to maximize the value of the company or firm.”

Tuazon, Vincent J.
Telecom Engineer
Japan Radio Co. Ltd Phil

“The CFC program discusses and explains very important and useful tools that can be used not only by working professionals but also business decisions dated to expansions and valuation.”

Regalario, Roxanne C.
Standard Chartered Bank

“Investing time attending CFC class/session is a worthwhile endeavor. It provided executives a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance functions and wonderful insights on the study of financing choices, capital structure, risk and valuation and dividend concepts and synergy; the learnings of which I’m so excited to apply into real-life business situations. Such will ultimately bring me into a higher level of expertise and provides me more competitive edge thereby helping me create value in my organization further maximizing shareholder value and can be counted as another feather on my cap.”

Mesina, Perdasille C.
Regional Financial Operations
GE Philippines

“This program is very useful to my work, and is easy to understand even without financial background.”

Qua, Guinevere Joie Y.
Event Content Analyst – Mandarin
Thomson Reuters Corporation