AFSAP Testimonials

“Training was conducted very well. Topics were tackled but I hope we had more time to discuss modules 6 -7.”

Tiamzon, Antonette B.
Credit Analyst, Maxim Enterprise Solutions Corp.

“Training/Seminar has provided up-to-date case studies/stories about financial institutions related to each concept discussed. However, it seems that 2 days are not enough to discuss all concepts in the agenda. Last half of the 2nd day was more of a breeze thru (rather than “in depth”) discussion of the said financial issues.”

Gastilo, Sheila C.
Business Analyst, See Inc.

“It helps you identify areas for improvement in managing financials of company.”

Baguio, Juanito VI O.
Finance Analyst, Vivant Corporation

“As a novice in the company and in the field of finance, I find the seminar so helpful in my future responsibilities. Attending the AFSAP gives me an advantage in interpreting the financial position of our company. Through cited good and practical examples, I can start contributing decision making factors for our senior management.”

Palomar, Ara Abigael 
Financial Planning Associate
Manila North Harbour Port, Inc.

“I am confident that this program will help me provide more value to the company by applying the knowledge I’ve gained from this program.”

Andes, Ericka Paula P. 
Financial Planning Supervisor
Littelfuse Phils., Inc.

“This program is a great experience to meet professionals and exchange ideas with them. Our speaker has given us a lot clear and actual examples to every topic we discussed. This is definitely a fun and learning program.”

Lopez, Judie L. 
Financial Planning Analyst
Littelfuse Phils., Inc.

“The Training/Seminar helped me with a better understanding and appreciation of how the Financial Statement reveals a company’s health. The topics were very relevant to my line of work and real life examples and situation were given to support the ideas. It helped me navigate through FS to immediately identify red flags and opportunities for the company.”

Magbanua, Karen Fatima DLP.
Risk Management Specialist
Energy Development Corporation

“The program is good. There were insights and ideas you cannot find on academic books because they are from a practical point of view. I will definitely recommend this program to my officemates. Seminar is very helpful to analyst.”

Damasin, Roque L. III
Finance Services Associate
LTS Pinnacle Holdings, Inc.

“Analyzing a financial statement is critical in a business. Having a competent analyst is a must!”

Florence Kho
Asst. Manager of Administration
Tom’s World Phils.

“This course serves as a review regarding Financial Statement. It also made me realize policy, and that there’s a need to revisit and update our company’s accounting policy.”

Julie Herrera
Controller, Vitarich