AFSAP Testimonials

“It’s good to be refreshed about the topic and to gain additional insights as well.”

Jo Ilijay
Accountant, Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.

“This was very educational course about financial analysis. I think its strength was its one of real life examples of companies to emphasize the lessons.”

Manuel Paulo Villas
CBO, Vista Land

“It would be useful in assessing financial consolation of companies which can be helpful to my job.”

Emerson Luceno
Manager, Yutoka Manufacturing Phils. Inc.

“It was good but would have been better if the exercises and solutions are provided in soft copy.”

Shelley, Coleridge
Country Head, VA Tech Wabag Philippines Inc.

“I really learned a lot from this program. It gave me so many ideas on what will I do in my future analysis and how will I do it. It gave me info on what to look out for. And also I gained additional info about forex and a lot of things not in the program but were graciously provided to us by our excellent speaker, Tommy.”

Peña, Maria Leslie V. 
Budget Analyst
Armed Forces and Police Natural Benefit Association Inc.

“The seminar was good, but I guess it should have been longer because we had limited time and had a lot of materials to go through. But the speaker was good; it seemed that he was very knowledgeable about the topic.”

Co, Gladys G.
Collection Analyst, Maxim Enterprise Solutions Corp.

“An excellent delivery of topics enhances more my knowledge not only in accounting but also in economics and business evaluation.  Although I was not able to actively participate the discussion since it’s my first time and no experience in work and my knowledge regarding actual financial is sure just start today.”

“But the inter seminar is great I learned beyond accounting matters.  It is true figures is not enough to make financial evaluation and decision analysis with these reports should also consider.”

Meriam R. Aparici
Auditor, BusIness Sense Financial Advisors Inc.

“The speaker knows his topics and provides cases for us to fully understand the topic.  The topic can help us by providing intensive learning on how to analyze the financial statement before investing on a company to minimize the risk.”

Dianne Abigail Solis
Auditor, Business Sense

“The program was very helpful to me as I am still quite he beginner to FS analysis.  The resource materials were adequate but some of the contests in the PPE presentation were the repetition.  Overall, I would recommend this program to my colleagues.”

Ghia Yuson
Research analyst, First Metro Brokerage Corp.

“Each Financial Statement provides a great story empower yourself on him to read the story behind the company you are studying by reading between the lines.”

Cheng, Caroline S.
Finance Analyst, World Bank