CWCM Testimonials

“From this seminar, I learned a lot from Mr. Tommy, all the principles, techniques and skills involved in Cash Flow and Working Capital Management.”

Cruz, Regene R.
Treasury Associate
Manila North Harbour Port, Inc.

“I enjoyed the class and I gained useful knowledge on this topic. I can also apply what I have learned on my personal finances.”

Llanza, Rowena A.
Senior Financial Planning and Analysis
Sunpower Corporation

“I find the training a good learning experience, I’ve learned a lot on various investment strategies that could help in making good investment decisions and in managing working capital applicable both for company and personal use.”

Distor, Charina D.
Senior Financial Analyst
Sunpower Corporation

“The Cash Flow and Working Capital Management Program is an effective medium to better understand the importance of effective planning/managing the assets you have. Some trade secrets not publicly known gave me an insight on the investing/managing aspects. By giving us an actual FS of an entity, made me appreciate more how financial ratios are to be used as a tool in making decisions.”

Gonzaga, Ruby L.
Junior Accountant
Asian Institute of Management

“The lessons were very good and insightful. It opened my eyes to where I should focus on my business, our strengths and weaknesses as well as choose the best ways to solve a particular situation. All in all, it was fun and very engaging 2-day program. Sir Tommy was very generous of his knowledge and even slowed down his pace for “poor” non-accounting/math experts like us. Food was great and staffs are very friendly and helpful especially Ms. Vira. I just wish there was more time to explain everything, two days isn’t quite enough but then again these were 2 days filled with knowledge so I cannot complain.
Thanks Ms. Vira! Thanks IFC! Thanks Sir Tommy!”

Ramirez, Nova Lourdes M.
Corporate Secretary
Mancao Square Department Store

“The program helped me in a lot of ways: – It helped me confirm some of my ideas about treasury. – I was able to acquire firsthand knowledge from a banker about bank transactions, and practical examples were given. – It was a refresher about financial statement analysis.”

Balanquit, Cristina G.
Junior Accountant
Asian Institute of Management

“Topics are very helpful especially on income generating side and as to how to maximize it. Attending this seminar is an experience!”

Gambale, Khristine Joy L.
Office Manager/Finance Head
Grupo Uvero Inc.

“I’ve learned a lot from this course. It would help me more in my job and shape ideas. I’ve gathered here with my colleagues.”

Mansilla, Laura Josephine A.
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.

“This course helps us to better understand the role of the treasury in managing the cash flow of the company.”

Babadilla, Leah L.
Treasury Assistant
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.