CWCM Testimonials

“This will help me to do my job in a more efficient manner.”

Binuya, Elmer P.
Treasury Division Head
PR Gaz Holdings, Inc.

“The program is very thorough, and the financial insights freely shared to us will allow us all to grow individually and professionally.”

Go, Josephine S.
Asian Institute of Management

“Good refreshes on fundamentals of cash management and application to current business situation.”

Iñigo, Olive Grace D.
Ops Fp & Manager
Sunpower Corp.

“We are just surprise with sudden change of venue.”

Tan, Shirley O.
Bank of Makati Inc

“It provided practical examples and application of the current market practices on cash management save insights, on proper benchmarking regular foreign exchange and loan rates. I’ve also learned the different types of forecasting techniques that I can use in cash flow preparation.”

Almocera, Maria Clara M.
Treasury Associate
JT International (Philippines) inc.

“The topic is very helpful with my line of work and gave me new ideas which will be useful in my work.”

Veronica G. De Jesus
Director, Treasury
Pepsi-cola Product Phils. Inc

“Based on the reactions and interactions, I have gained a lot of new ideas that are applicable to my present job. The speaker is very competent and has shown a lot of expertise on the topic.”

Sherwin C. Ibarra
Sr Asst.Manager
Phil. Bank of Communications

“The seminar taught me how to manage finance properly, to maximize the earnings of the company and at the same time minimize the cost. It gave me new ideas on how to use the web specifically the financial website in the Philippines settings. I appreciate the speaker because he gave us actual things that are happening in the banking industry, which I use as my leverage to our existing bankers.”

Jackie Louie B. Solivio
Triumph Motorcycle Corp.

“Tommy is able to explain complex concepts simply and in an interesting manner.”

Lito Diga

“I’m much more aware of what I need to do as a Finance Professional. I’m very excited to put into practice all that I’ve learned in this two-day seminar.”

Aylene Sytengco
Finance Officer
Sytengco Phils Corp.