FMMC® Testimonials

“I am now more confident in setting us my Financial models with ease & efficiency.”

Bingo Soriano
Analyst, Papa Securities Corp.

“I’ve been doing a lot of financial models but because of the FMMC I was able to realize that my 74 MB could be reduced to a file for my scenarios and run thus would be expecting to improve my outputs further.”

Marvin Lascano
Regulatory Financial Analyst
Manila Water Company, Inc.

“I am so glad I have attended this class. I can be able to apply this in my present job.”

Rommel A. Ferrer
Tax Accountant, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation – ROHQ

“I realized that there are lots of available functions and techniques available in excel that will facilitate coming up with more flexible cost models and sensitivity analysis.”

Maria Ana Dichoso
Analysis & Treasury Manager, ON – Semiconductor Phils., Inc.

“This class is very useful to me especially on the analysis doing different scenarios.”

Vivian Santos
Financial Analyst, ON – Semiconductor Phils., Inc.

“With the program, I was able to learn new ideas and knowledge in financial aspect, presentation of ratio concerning profitability and the rest. Very informative.”

Joan Baculo
Finance Officer, Wellanoss Freight Corp.

“I’m very glad that I attended this class. I’ve learned a lot of new MS Excel functionalities that are very much useful in my job. Definitely a MUST for financial analyst.”

Lilibeth Ruth Cobarrubias
Finance Mgr – Analysis & Treasury
Mead Johnson Phils., Inc.

“After this class, I will be  able to create a template that we can actually use and be helpful, to effectively evaluate proposals submitted & creating sensitivity analysis.”

Amelia Casiguran
Development Management Officer II, BCDA

“After this class, I am now able to create a more dynamic modeling that will help to enhance my efficiency.”

Chow Soon Seng
Financial Analyst, JTI

“The tools & techniques that I learned from this class will enable me to prepare financial reports/analysis more effectively and efficiently.”

Mei-Lin Bondoc
Finance Specialist, United Laboratories, Inc.