FMMC® Testimonials

“The course helped me gain knowledge on how to utilize excel functions, unknown to me before, and most especially, values – a habit I can surely use for a better career life.”

Lota, Merilee Lorraine B.
Financial Planning Assistant, Ginebra San Miguel Inc.

“Very good seminar! I may be able to perform my work in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Dela Cruz, Deneb Arcturus C.
Business Development Officer, Macro Asia Corporation

“Very good class! Changed my perception on how to make models as simple spreadsheets, this greatly helps me strengthen my skills and become more critical in this particular area.”

Fernandez, Miguel Angelo J.
Manager, BPI Capital Corporation

“Very informative! I’m very eager to apply these in my work.”

Musngi, Zoren Philip A.
Senior IT Audit Associate, Allied Bank Corporation

“The program is very useful for someone who is in the planning functions as it enhances the knowledge and skills in the subject matter. It also serves a good review for the functions of Excel as it is required throughout the program. Good lecturer, good venue, and good food as well, that resulted to an excellent program. A must for finance practitioners!”

Ching, Andres A.
Senior Business Analyst/Consultant, MJT & Company

“The course was competently and efficiently handled. A lot of the things I learned can be incorporated with my workflow. The course also leaves room for me to learn more about financial modeling on my own.”

Navarro, Aldrin T.
Senior Manager, BPI Capital Corporation

“The seminar is well-packaged. I greatly appreciate the loads of knowledge and skills I was exposed to. They were all relevant things I wished I had known years ago. These skills will definitely enhance my reports, and thankfully, shorten the time I spend preparing them. Thank you so much.”

Lanuza, Lorna D.
Corplan Manager, AFP General Insurance Corp.

“The program is a must for every professional, who’s not necessarily from a finance background, to progress in his career. You get what you pay for, and thus it’s worth every peso of it.”

Pacho, Peter L.
Analyst, Manila Electric Company

“The program has improved my excel capabilities, and has helped me as a professional accountant.”

Jacob, Brian F.
Accountant, Bases Convension and Development Authority

“I have learned more knowledge in using excel that I can apply to my work. It is very useful; it makes computation of things and problems easier.”

Cerbas, Maria Sonia V.
Accountant, Bases Convension and Development Authority