FMMC® Testimonials

“I’m very glad that I attended this training. I learned many excel functions with its logic so that I can maximize its use in financial modelling.”

Rufina Anabelle Velasco
Business Planning Officer, Eastwest Bank

“This seminar provides a good foundation on financial modelling techniques, theories, and best practices. I’d recommend it to anyone starting out a career in finance.”

Paul Diomampo
Deal Analyst, PNB Capital and Investment Corporation

“This class teaches you what you need to know about financial modeling: that with the right tools, it can be easy and very efficient.”

Marco Carbonell
Deal Analyst, PNB Capital and Investment Corporation

“I learned a lot from this class that would make me more efficient in my current job.”

Joanne Lee Cosme
Business and Risk Analytics, Eastwest Bank

“This class really tauhgt more excel functionalities that I can apply in my current work. I am new in my Finance Team, after this training maybe I can already develop or enhance our current P and L model.”

Salvadora Quiros
Business Planning Officer, Eastwest Bank

“I learned a lot on this training. It exceeds my expectations. I am now equipped in developing a financial model especially for Cost-Benefit Analysis. Our speaker is very effective. I am able to understand how to create a high level dynamic financial model.”

Lourdes Legaspi
Expense Analyst, Eastwest Bank

“The program has given me ideas on how to efficiently perform data modelling, which is an essential part of my function at work, and effectively present the models for the appreciation of management and peers.”

Jianna Rica Meneses
Credit Risk Officer, Eastwest Bank

“The seminar was very much enlightening. Never really know that work could be this easy.”

Mathew Carpio
Financial Analyst,  Eastwest Bank

“The program presented new ideas, more importantly a structured disciplined way of doing things. I have learned a lot and will definitely apply at my own work and recommend to friends and colleagues.”

Rolly Salvador
Finance Manager, The Hershey Company