FMMC® Testimonials

“The Financial Modelling Masterclass definitely improves the competency of those who are involved in corporate finance. After attending the class, I am now more confident in all future financial modeling tasks that I will encounter.”

Bethuel Tanupan
Partner, Diaz, Murillo and Dalupan

“I was able to build a more confidence in my work & had realized the value adding services I could provide to management. Through financial modeling techniques learned. Thanks to this course.”

Cecile Magtira
Financial Planning & Control Manager, CIGI

“This class definitely enhanced my skills that will help me further my career in financial planning/analysis.”

Anne Margrette Jariol
Cost Analyst
United Laboratories, Inc.

“This class will bring our company’s planning & reporting activities to a higher level.”

Dan Panganiban
AM – Finance Planning & Systems
International Container Terminal Services, Inc.

“I was able to learn the methodological way of creating financial models that is transferable. I am now inspired to explore excel as a means of creating a useful tool that can be used & understood by non-finance professionals.”

Jovilyn S. Cotio
Assistant Manager, Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd

“I was able to discover MS Excel functions and modeling techniques that will be helpful in my work.”

Alvin Limqueco
Consultant, San Miguel Corporation

“Very informative and useful!”

Arlene Sawey
Cost Analyst, United Laboratories, Inc.

“Before, we used to make several graphs and multiple MS Excel files for each scenario. The class helped simplify and speed up the result required.”

Raymundo P. Cachuela
Financial Analyst, Bayantel

“I learned lot of techniques.”

Ladeth Api
United Laboratories, Inc.- Westmont

“This program gave me a new perspective on how MS Excel really works. I can use this on my report making.”

Rosalie C. Salamat
Treasury Assistant, ALC Holdings Co.